90 Day Program

No matter where you are on your practitioner journey I can help. 

If you’ve dreamed of having an online business that will give you both time and financial freedom, then you are in the right place.

Do You...

+ Have a practice you love but you are not sure you are going in the right direction?
Perhaps you know where you want to get to, but you are not sure how to do it?

Maybe you have big plans for your life and practice but something is holding you back?
+ You have amazing goals for your practice, but they always feel just out of your reach…
+ If you just had an action plan that worked and some accountability, you know you could do this!
+ You have something amazing to offer the world you just need to launch it or tell more people about it!

+ Systems and processes
 are holding you back, which ones… how to implement… your empathic self isn’t helping you maintain boundaries and you don’t know how to reign it in?

+ You have the clinical confidence
… but something is holding you back… and that something is you? 

Here's what's included:


First call is a 2 hour welcome call

In this first call I will be getting to know you and your practice. 
Where are you now and where do you want to go! 
Using your intake form we work together to formulate a plan for the 90 Days!

Let’s turn your question marks into action marks!


Fortnightly 1:1 Calls

Each fortnight you will get a one to one Zoom call with me! (6 in total!) 
These calls will be focused purely on you and your practice. 
We’ll discuss were you’re at and what you need from me. 
I will be giving you the advice and support that you need to take it to the next level along with the actions for you to complete! 

This is now the only way to work one-to-one with me.


Access to the Academy

The Academy gives you access to all the training courses. (There’s more on Trello, Google Spreadsheets and Google docx!). As well as Facebook lives, extra group coaching calls and the private Facebook group. 


How Would It Feel...

+ If you had a clear plan of what to do to develop your practice….
+ To work with other amazing practitioners that understand where you are and can support you in moving forward.

+ Real and reliable support developing your practice – things like developing programs, systems, outsourcing and much more…

+ To get on a 1 on 1 calls with me and get all your questions answered, and gain focus on where you are and what you need to do…
+ To have the practice you know you want, deserve and love!
+ To avoid the shark infested waters that it feels like you’ve been in, and work with me every step of the way to achieve your dream practice! 
Just like our clients, there’s no such thing as a magic wand –  but this is the next best thing!
If you’re not scared of hard work you just need that direction, support and motivation to overcome fear and take what is waiting for you! 

How does it work?

+ We meet fortnightly 1:1 via Zoom
+ Loads of bonuses – check out the FAQ’s!
+ Of course there’s an extensive intake form 😉 
+ We get to grips with where you’re at, what you’re doing and where you want to be and you can be anywhere in your practice journey!
You’ll get access to:
+ Education you need to support where you’re at and what you’re doing!  
+ What about presentations – webinar or workshop delivery, been doing them for years, cheatsheets and checklists all there waiting…
+ Need templates for clients / GP’s / media – tick
+ Systems checkup to get you working seamlessly and support to get you running smoothly
+ And so, so much more!
Individualised calls to discuss your needs and support to implement what needs doing, and 2 weeks to do it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If your clinical confidence is good and you’re ready for practice without too many issues around your niche area, then this is perfect for you rather than the Graduate Program. Here we work together to stretch your practice base and develop the business you want so much, it’s inline with where you’re at right now, because it’s all about you!

Do you ever worry your customer-facing documents aren’t impressive or professional enough? Do you wonder how to set or raise your prices? Do you fret over potential client relationship problems? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Offer a wider range of services? Yes? Then yes, the 90 Day Program is for you. Because it’s based on YOUR needs!

“Geraldine is a passionate naturopathic mentor with so much wisdom to share! I’m constantly learning from her. Highly recommended!” Kyra H

Once you fill out the Google Form we get a real idea of where you’re at, and what your goals are, how you want/need support and we develop your goals directly in relation to your needs. Your goals increase/change during your 90 days, no worries, it’s completely responsive to your needs.
Weekly emails are expected so we can gauge together where you’re at and how you’re going, you don’t go it alone in this program.

Some government legislation won’t be relevant to you, and outside of SA I don’t know what your local government expects – however I can help you figure out who to ask in your area! So yes, it’s still completely right for you!

This program is designed especially for you, whilst you’re on the program you’ll have access to recordings in the Academy, you can join the Academy and have continued access to the training or finish in the Academy when your 90 Days is done… or you might buy another package, giving you continued access to the Academy! 
Some modules are in Trello and you can copy those boards and you’ll have access to those forever!

First you fill out the Google Form so I learn all about you. Then we meet fortnightly for just over an hour to get to grips with where you’e at and what you want to implement. 
Got a holiday booked, so your 90 Day might extend to 120 days, but that’s ok, this is all about activation and progress!

You can book single sessions with Geraldine for $200 an hour, this program…
  • Access to Academy trainings and the Academy Facebook group for the duration of your program (people usually end up joining after programs I run!)
  • Access to bonus’s with Shonelle at ‘Tech for Pracs’, she’ll might even let you jump the cue because we work together 😉
  • Access to Trello trainings & ‘done for you’ workbook systems 
  • PR & Media checklist & workbook 
  • Presentation training, checklist & workbook 
  • Brand guide training, checklist & workbook
  • Launch guide training, chekclist & workbook


Is this what you need?

It can be very difficult to decide if something is right for you! Perhaps something else is better… more specific… what if… what if…  

Why not book a focus call and decided after speaking to me if you have queries?