Mentoring with Geraldine

Ep 237 – Completing the Quarter

Let’s complete the first quarter. Join Geraldine as she shares her first-quarter reflection and guides you in doing your own self-reflection to help you close out the quarter and decide what’s next. 

What hasn't gone well and what do you intend to do to recover from them? How has your budget work? What do you need to do to have more eyes on the prize? 

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Ep 236- Who Do You Use?

How do you choose a company or products that align with your values and support you as a practitioner? 

Join Geraldine as she talks about things to consider when choosing a company or product, buying criteria and processes and some helpful tips for evaluating which distributors best fit your client’s needs.

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Ep 235 – February In Review

Summer can go so quickly.  We're at the perfect time right now to be projecting forward in that longer-term way. What went well in February? What did you feel that you could have done better?

Join Geraldine as she shares her February In Review and her intentions for the coming months, building content for her new site, upcoming retreats and her long-term vision for 2023.

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Ep 234 – Funnny…Not Funny

What do you do when you messed-up? 

Everyone makes mistakes in their practice and the way they connect with clients and that’s okay. 

Join Geraldine as she talks about how she messed up in the past and how she managed it with humour and turned her mistakes into valuable lessons.

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Ep 233 – Getting Our Foundation Right

What is holding up your foundations? Let’s talk about why building a strong business foundation is extremely important. 

Let’s get back to basics! Any business needs a solid foundation. Join Geraldine as she talks about building a foundation in business by finding clarity and identifying your goals and purpose in your business and checking on your systems and strategies 

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Ep 232- The Concept of Creating Time- How Do We Fit it All In?

How much time do you give to yourself? How do you make the most of each day?

Join Geraldine in an eye-opening episode on creating the concept of time. She talks about setting boundaries, how to start your day right, the importance of looking after yourself and refilling your bucket so you can change your life significantly

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