Mentoring with Geraldine

Ep 87 – Fear & Small Business

Join Geraldine as she talks about fear and what has held her back and is quite possibly holding you back, Is your comfort zone holding you back? Do you feel you have enough resilience or is it best to avoid what you don’t enjoy? Let’s chat it out in the bite sized podcast!

Ep 86 – Your Dream Business

Join Geraldine as she discusses what your dream business looks like, how do you envision it? What do you see ahead in your business future? How, when and where do you want to work? What gives you a buzz when you wake up? How are you fitting it all into your life? Let's get thinking together!

Ep 84 – Figures, Finance & Futures!

Today I’d like you to think about what % of your income comes from different sources and how you can supplement that income or change it up! If we know where our money is coming from and going to we can see if there’s a gap in our market that we can promote and encourage. Creation and thinking outside the box is how to supplement our incomes for a more regular paycheck! 

Ep 83 – Planning & Training

I’ve got lots of opportunities for us to meet – both in person and online! Webinars and training galore, and it’s just been pointed out to me that I should be giving a discount to association members! Are you with NHAA or ATMS? If so, get in touch for an extra 10% discount off my courses!

Ep 82 – What’s your client’s environment?

Have you thought about where your clients live? With us all being online we have people from all over the world, and we each have unique environments and housing types, different areas have different environmental problems, what do we need to think about when talking about our clients and their problems?