Academy Membership

Want a place with ongoing support and connection with the Naturopathic, Nutritional, Herbal and Practitioner community? 

Then you’ve found it right here in the Academy.

With monthly education, regular Zoom connection, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Are you Solopreneur in natural therapies?

Do you work with clients 1-2-1? Are you struggling with juggling your day job, side hustle, kids/partner and down time? 
Let Geraldine help you find your focus, get your business systems in place, and start ticking off those side hustle goals with ease so you avoid that overwhelming overwhelm! 
Finding your focus is one of Geraldine’s goals, getting your systems in place and things running smoothly, the way you need it for your situation and to meet your needs! Just like Geraldine has been doing in her business for years, means she avoids burnout, and immediately recognises overwhelm! 
Being supported by a group of likeminded action takers is amazing! People who support you, as you get to know and support them. Regular sessions with Geraldine and the group via Zoom and you’ll feel truly supported in developing and achieving your goals & processes. 
Level up whenever you need extra support for 90 Days to create your unique systems and achieve your unique goals. 

What education & support is in the Academy?

Connection with like-minded practitioners
Regular education on supporting your clients – practical applications as well as current interest webinars
  • What does the education flow look like –
  • Coaching the client for wellness & success 
  • Paediatrics and supporting the family in practice
  • Winter support for our clients and personal goal setting 
  • Workshops, virtual & live events – planning & execution
  • Challenges and challenging our clients and ourselves through the winter months
  • Mindset for success month, setting up yourself and your clients for success
  • Setting up our programs ready for client success heading into a new season
Mentoring with Geraldine
  • MindMapping, decision trees, finances and clinical focus 
  • Workshop day (April) – 2021 – Programs in Practice
  • Virtual Retreat and how we move forward in our businesses (October)
  • Setting up your research, searching & understanding the flaws in our searches and improving them to obtain clinically relevant information 
  • Taking into account holidays some scheduled Zoom dates may be changed over the holiday periods
All eduction is uploaded the weekend before the first Monday of the month and our live Zoom call
Then we have 2 other lives/Zoom into the private Facebook group for ease of access to all the informational chats.

Zoom times and dates for Q&A's



Workshop Day - Programs in Practice - 8th May 2022

Workshop to develop your ‘Programs in Practice’!
The beginning of 2021 we’ll start looking at how to create the program we want in our practice to support our clients. 

What their needs are, their desired outcomes and how to spread the word of your upcoming program to the world!
In February and March, all the education and support will be around our ideal clients so we’re ready to create the program we want for our practice on 24th April workshop day.

Of course it’s all recorded and available to members here in the Academy portal on Podia

Virtual Retreat Day 6th November 2022

Included in your membership is our amazing virtual retreat day. In the past my groups have enjoyed MasterMind days, full of planning and the future. 2020 we had our first Virtual Retreat & it was AMAZING!
  • Opening Meditation  
  • Visualisations & journaling 
  • Smudging ceremony
  • Workbooks & training sessions
  • Gift bags posted to you
  • Zoom rooms for small group training with other Academy members
We’ve done it before and everyone loved it, time to do it all again! 

2020 we enjoyed a drumming ceremony with Lesley Bergstrom and a smudging ceremony with Louise Kerwin, everyone enjoyed the day tremendously and have said how much it spurred them forward in 2020. 

During the retreat we look at how we’ve grown and changed, then look at what we want to achieve… with webinars, workbooks, Zoom rooms to get the conference feel, but only in small groups, we’ll even have lunch together! 
All included in the price of the Academy membership*

Frequently Asked Questions

New training, education, webinars, resources are released the first weekend of the month.
We meet on a live Zoom Q&A the first Monday of the month at 9.30am ACST, then on 2 other occassions during the month in the closed Facebook group 

As a member of the Academy you’ll have access as long as you’re a member, if you cease your membership you’ll lose access to the Academy, but with fresh information being made available monthly and accountability in the Facebook group you’ll never want to leave.

To join up, just choose your payment option, and you’re in!
You’ve got 7 days to decided if it’s for you or not.
If it’s time to leave, just let me know and I’ll stop your payments, a weeks notice will make sure no payments are taken out, if the payment is taken before you tell me then a refund can be activated minus fees and charges.
You do need to be a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalists, Practitioner or student of these disciplines to be part of the community. If you’re not, you’ll be removed from the group, no refund. 

The day before you’ll have a visualisation & workbook.
You’ll receive everything you need that you can’t find locally, your recipe cards will tell you the ingredients you need to buy before the day.
If you can’t come, then you won’t receive a full goodie bag, only those present will receive what is needed exclusively on the day, because of the perishables in there! 
Don’t worry if you’re a member and you can’t come you’ll still get a very useful goodie bag – but without any perishables and all the recordings here in Podia waiting for you.

Join the Academy

So how to best bridge those knowledge gaps, get the reassurance and support that is so crucial in the first year (or twenty) of clinical practice? Mentoring!
Mentoring isn’t just for new graduates, either. No matter how experienced you are in your chosen field, it’s great to share your wisdom and life experience and learn from others.
Having a fresh perspective or second opinion on a tricky case is invaluable, regardless of time served.


Is this what you need?

It can be very difficult to decide if something is right for you! Perhaps something else is better… more specific… what if… what if…  

Why not book a focus call and decided after speaking to me if you have queries?