Ep 101 – Programs & Support! – Karly Raven

Join Geraldine and she chats with Karly about working in her niche of gut health, how she’s dealt with the challenges of working in group practice and now being at her home office and enjoying life with her husband and son. How working in groups with programs and a membership has changed your focus with […]

Ep 100 – Meet the Podcast Team!

For today's bite sized episode and our 100th episode, meet Bailey Rose, the tech wizard behind the scenes of the show. Geraldine had started the process of creating the podcast, but was holding off publishing as she knew she needed support – and Bailey Rose arrived in the nick of time to save the day […]

Ep 99 – Connection & Communication!

Who do you connect with? How do you connect with them? Join Geraldine and she discusses your connections and who, why and where you communicate. There's a worksheet if you want to get some real idea of where you’re connecting and overtime there’ll be other worksheets to help you with connecting in the communities.

Ep 98 – Consulting Online – Jules Galloway

Join Geraldine as she discusses the challenges and joys of working online and how it’s shaped Jules’s practice. Jules & Geraldine chat about starting in business, keeping up with like minded colleagues and how practice has changed over the years.  This session isn’t quite as bite-sized as we usually have, but trust me, you’re going […]

Ep 97 – Personality Testing – Who are you?

Have you completed a personality assessment lately? 16 Personalities or Clifton Strengths? Geraldine has been using Clifton Strengths for a number of years but her daughter introduced her to 16 Personalities and she’s been telling everyone! Working to our positives supports our motivation and skill base, why not give it a go?

Ep 96 – The Kava Debate – Michael Thompson

Join Geraldine and Michael as they discuss Kava and the reasons for its ban and subsequent return to sale.  Michael is a naturopath and herbalist based in Hobart and the author of the Phytotherapy Desk reference you can get your copy at: https://www.phytotherapydeskreference.com/

Ep 95 – Insights with Fenugreek

Have you read any Dorothy Hall? Join Geraldine as she talks to you about her love of Fenugreek and how she first discovered its alternative uses. Fenugreek is a widely studied herb, but Dorothy Hall suggested it be used as a lymphatic detox, Geraldine found an amazing use in eczema and discusses it with you […]

Ep 94 – Emma Park & First 1000 Days

Join Geraldine as chats with guest Emma Park (BHSc) an accredited Functional Nutritionist based on the Mornington Peninsula. Through her role in private practice, community health education & as Clinical Educator for Puremedic (Qiara Probiotics), Emma is an industry leader in the field of Gut Health and the Microbiome. She is also the founder of […]

Ep 93 – What Are You Avoiding Today?

How can we set our mindset for success? How is what is going on in our heads and our mindset affecting us on a daily basis? What can we do to change the story in our heads? Do you use journaling or speaking aloud? Guess which one Geraldine uses on a daily basis!

Ep 92 – Ben Bellamy from Shoutable Media Agency

Join Geraldine as she chats to Ben from the Shoutable Agency. Ben and the team work with business owners, internationally, helping them by designing, building and launching websites that scale and help convert their audience into clients.  Ben created Geraldine’s new website – https://www.mentoringwithgeraldine.com/ Check out Ben’s site and see what he has to offer […]